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Here at our Plano TX location we strive to not only meet but exceed our patients expectations! We are a family chiropractic office that is also a, owned and operated family business! We are passionate about serving our family, friends and neighbors in and around the Plano TX area and have been blessed to have been able to serve here for over 15 years.

Our office is not your “typical Chiropractic Office”. Our Plano Chiropractic office is a true Corrective Spinal Care Clinic which means we take your care and your health one step further. Our first goal is to get you feeling better and out of pain but the next step to ensure that you remain that way is to correct the underlying issue that truly landed you in our office. If we can correct the underlying issue, which in most cases we can, we can make sure you don’t end up in the same, painful position you came in with this time. Make sense?

We have many different treatment plans and protocols based on correcting your spinal structure for long term relief. However, before we can crate a treatment plan, we need to be absolutely sure what we are dealing with. We start by doing a series of testing to determine the root cause of your pain and dis-ease. This may include going over your health history, digital x-rays, motion study x-ray analysis, posture profiling, symptom and structure analysis or stress testing, along with any other testing the doctor sees fit.  At that point, our Plano Chiropractor Dr. Joe Dennis will go over all of the findings and tailor a customized care plan for you, that he is confident will address your underlying spinal issues that are causing you discomfort.

Once we know exactly what your findings are, we can assess what you need and then we will be able to fully verify what your insurance will cover, what if any out of pocket cost you may incurred and Dr. Dennis will be able to answer any questions you have about cost, time to heal and what can be expected along the way.

Please not that not everyone is a candidate for care here, in our Plano Chiropractic office we will only accept cases that we are sure we can help and likewise, we have no doubt the patient is fully ready to take the initiative and wants to help themselves.

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