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Chris Hafliger

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I started a treatment plan with Dr. Joe Dennis in November 2017. I had Sciatica in both legs, and pinched nerves in my neck and lower back (L5). I had never been to a Chiropractor before and was skeptic. My two closest friends recommended Dr. Joe, so I thought I would give it a try. I was looking for an alternative to prescription drugs and/or surgery. At the conclusion of my 12-week treatment plan with Dr. Joe, I was pain free and have been pain free ever since. Now, I get an adjustment every two weeks. I used to have headaches regularly. I’ve only had 2-3 headaches in the last 13 months. I am VERY pleased to say that I have not been sick in over a year! I have not needed medical care since I began seeing Dr. Joe and it was “normal” for me to get a sinus infection once a year. It goes without saying that I’m no longer a skeptic, but a FIRM believer in Chiropratic care. Dr. Joe Dennis is amazing and I refer people to him every chance I get!

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