Dennis Family Wellness Center sees great success treating patients suffering from Sciatic Nerve Pain also known as Lumbar Radiculopathy.  Dr. Joe Dennis DC, head adjusting doctor at Dennis Family Wellness Center accredits the his success rate to their corrective care protocolamid at not only treating Sciatic pain for short term relief but  for long term correction.  Sciatica (sciatic nerve pain) is defined, at times as mild to severe pain that runs down the leg, along the course of the sciatic nerve. Patients usually first report pain that is first felt in the buttocks and the back of the leg that runs down the back of the thigh, all the way down into the foot.
  • The pain may begin quickly and without warning or it may begin gradually, described as a sharp, shooting, burning, tingling or even electric like pain.
  • Pain is usually more intense or spiked with movement of the leg.
  • Usually the pain from the buttocks down to the foot is usually more noticeable is certain areas but may be, at times be more evenly distributed.
  • The most common references to this pain is a description of a numbness and tingling down the leg and often times into the foot.
Sciatic Nerve Pain is usually a result from pressure and/or irritation on the sciatic nerve from bones, tissues and ligaments that have shifted. This pressure may result from a variety of processes such as a ruptured disc, narrowing of the bony spinal canal (called spinal stenosis), or in rare cases an infection or even tumor which is why we take X-Rays to be sure of what we are dealing with prior to implementing care. If this sounds like you and you are ready to find relief from your sciatic nerve pain, Call Us Now at (972) 801-9992. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Dennis to see if our Sciatic Pain Treatments are right for you. The sciatic nerve measures 3 quarters of an inch wide and is the largest and longest nerve in your body. The nerve starts in the low back (lumbosacual spine) in an area called the sacral plexus. This is the area of the spine where the spine and the sacrum meet. The job of the sciatic nerve and its small nerve branches is to enable motor and sensory functions like movement and feeling from the thigh, down to the knee and calf, to the ankle, through to the foot, and down to the tips of the toes. The above picture illustrates the sciatic nerve and how it flows down the leg.

The Sciatic Nerve and the Low Back

The sciatic nerve starts in your lumber spine, better known as your low back. The vertebrae in the Lumbar Spine are referred to as L4 and L5, the L representing Lumbar. The numbers simply refer to which bone it is in the low back in order from top to bottom. The sciatic nerve travels through your low back and then your pelvic area which is called your sacrum. The sciatic nerve usually always runs under a large muscle called your piriformis muscle, which has the job of moving your leg from side to side. At this point, your sciatic nerve runs through your buttocks and down to your thigh. Smaller nerves actually branch out from the sciatic nerve and travel behind your knee, down to your feet.
  • The sciatic nerve, like all nerves, is part of the complex structure, known as your  nervous system. The Nervous Systems job is to transmit communication signals and sensation to and from the brain, to every nerve, tissue and cell of your body. Pain signals are your bodies alarm system. When there is pressure on a nerve, you’ll know it, and it will not feel very good at all. This feeling, alerts you that there is something wrong that must be addressed. This is why taking a pain pill is not advised because masking the pain so you don’t notice it is like taking the batteries out our your smoke alarm during a fire and going back to bed. In the case of sciatica, something in your low back, possibly a bone out of its proper place or a herniated disc, for example, is compressing the sciatic nerve, which then transmits pain down the nerve and you sense it , your leg.
  • The sciatic nerve flows out of the pelvic area called the sacrum, through a small passage called the sciatic foramen. Two branches form at the upper part of the sciatic nerve referred to as the articular branch and muscular branch The muscular branch manages the muscles that enable movement in the leg flexors and the articular branch runs to the hip joint.
  • Other nerves that may be compressed and cause pain are the Tibial Nerves and the Peroneal Nerves. The Peroneal nerves originate from the nerve roots at the 4th and 5th vertebra in the low back (L4-L5) and 1st & 2ndlevels of the sacrum area (S1-2). Like the Sciatic Nerve, the peroneal nerves travels down side and front of your leg after they leave the pelvis and then continues along the outer side of the knee, all the way down to the foot. The Tibial Nerve does the same but passes in the front area of the knee then down into the foot, through the heel, through the sole and to the tips of the toes.
If you can imagine this process, you can understand how and why the pain of pressure and irritation on the sciatic nerve can cause referred radiating, shooting, burning pain from your buttocks, all the way down your leg and into your foot. Call (972) 801-9992 now to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Dennis to see if our Sciatic Pain Treatments are right for you.

Common Questions Many Asked and Answered About Sciatica

What could be causing me to have Sciatic pain and is there a Sciatic Treatment that is right for me?  Your particular pain in the sciatic nerve could be caused by many things and that is why we always take a deeper look by taking X-Rays and an evaluation along with in depth measurements and motion study analysis to be sure. Disc issues such as degenerative disc, herniated disc, or bulging disc could be the cause of your sciatic pain.  It could also be due to strain from pregnancy, trama, stenosis, piriformis syndrome or even a spinal tumor, spinal infection  or spondylolisthesis. Any one of those conditions can put pressure on the sciatic nerve or related nerve roots in your low back. That pressure is what causes your pain and other symptoms. In most cases we are able to treat Sciatic Nerve Pain right here at our office with great success rates. Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment Plano TX If you are in or around the Plano TX area and are ready to get Treatment for Sciatica (sciatic nerve pain), Dennis Family Wellness Center can help! Call Now to schedule your Appointment with our Sciatica Treatment provider Dr. Joe Dennis of Dennis Family Wellness Center of Plano TX. Call (972) 801-9992 !