Dr. Joe is proud to be one of the highest rated Plano chiropractors.


“Our newborn was suffering from silent reflux and was prescribed Zantac. We did not want to medicate at such a young age and gave chiropractic a shot. After just one visit we saw an improvement and began giving less and less medicine until symptoms miraculously disappeared while under Dr Joe’s care. He was super gentle and made us feel so comfortable. I recommend Dr Joe to all new parents!”
“We love Dennis Family Wellness! Dr. Joe is exceptional at what he does. I first came in by referral for a headache that had lasted 2 months. It was gone within the first 2 appts! Dr. Joe also took care of me through my entire pregnancy, and cared for my newborn as well. He suffered terribly from colic and reflux and Dr. Joe helped tremendously. He was always so much happier after his adjustments! It really helped us get through that first year. Thanks Dr. Joe! We have definitely found our chiropractic home.”
Jennifer Latham
“Love Dr. Joe , Sandy & Joey!!! I’m always in immediately. Never even have time to sit down before I’m taken to a room. Dr Joe is right in after. I have had limited mobility in my neck & shoulder for several years do to surgeries. It is getting better & the pain is decreasing. I highly recommend coming to Dennis Wellness Center. Dr Joe is very knowledgeable & helpful & is excellent at his work!"
Barb Hobbs
“Dr. Joe is fantastic. I came to him with knee pain so bad I could barely walk. He was confident and patient to the point i trusted him. He laid out a plan of treatment and it worked. I’m back to walking every day without pain. I once came to him with major allergies, eyes watering, he worked on them and as I left no sneezing or watery eyes. I highly recommend Dennis Family Wellness Center!”
Christopher Scott
“Dr. Dennis is a class act and truly cares about his patients. First chiropractor I worked with and the only one I’ll continue to work with! If you’re having any unnatural pain or just want to get adjusted to feel your best definitely give Dr. Dennis a try.”
Bob Scott
“I had a car accident in March, it cost my shoulder pain. I did not know the pain was caused by the accident. Dr Dennis is very experienced and after he reviewed my -X ray, He diagnosed my problem, treat me in correct way, I am on the way to recover.”
Taotao Yanj
“Dr. Joe and his front office personnel are just incredible! Dr. Joe’s tremendous experience, empathy, knowledge and passion to help his patients is rare and amazingly refreshing. From my treatments with him, I have experienced powerful pain relief, increased energy and a huge improvement in my sleep quality. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Joe, I guarantee you will be impressed with this expert chiropractor!”
Riann Silliman
“The absolute best healing experience I have had. I could barely walk from sciatic nerve and hip flexor pain when I found the Dennis Family Wellness Center a month ago. Ran 6 miles with no pain on Sunday 😍I highly recommend this Center to everyone !!!The staff is highly skilled, professional and friendly.”
Gwen Kile
“My family and I have been seeing Dr. Joe for about 15 years now. Very accommodating to individual needs and preferences of manual adjusting or using instruments to avoid the twisting, cracking, or popping. I recommend him to everyone I know in the Dallas area that is in need of a good chiropractor. He also does acupuncture and is knowledgeable in other health related subjects to help you achieve overall health and wellness and can recommend holistic remedies for whatever it is that ails you.”
JR Gray
“I have been a patient of Dr. Dennis for just over 4 months now. I used to think it was normal to have constant shoulder and neck pain. Dr. Dennis crafted me a personalized treatment plan which provided adjustments, acupuncture, message therapy, and at home exercises (I’m sure he would add a few more things that were vital to my healing). Besides my Lasik surgery, this is the next best investment I feel that I decided to make to improve my overall health and well-being.”
John Blankenship
“I started a treatment plan with Dr. Joe Dennis in November 2017. I had Sciatica in both legs, and pinched nerves in my neck and lower back (L5). I had never been to a Chiropractor before and was skeptic. My two closest friends recommended Dr. Joe, so I thought I would give it a try. I was looking for an alternative to prescription drugs and/or surgery. At the conclusion of my 12-week treatment plan with Dr. Joe, I was pain free and have been pain free ever since. Now, I get an adjustment every two weeks. I used to have headaches regularly. I’ve only had 2-3 headaches in the last 13 months. I am VERY pleased to say that I have not been sick in over a year! I have not needed medical care since I began seeing Dr. Joe and it was “normal” for me to get a sinus infection once a year. It goes without saying that I’m no longer a skeptic, but a FIRM believer in Chiropractic care. Dr. Joe Dennis is amazing and I refer people to him every chance I get!”
Chris Hafliger
“Dr. Dennis has made such an impact on my life in just the month that I have been going to the family wellness center. I have been dealing with back and neck issues for years. I have had multiple chiropractors I have worked with that didn’t make a difference. I was recommended to Dr. Dennis by a friend and I’m glad I went to see him. I can finally get back to playing with my kids and being more active with the wife and entire family. I couldn’t have asked for a better chiropractor. If you have issues with pain or can’t sleep go and see Dr. Dennis and let him make an impact on your life as much as he has for me. Thank you Family wellness center I’m truly blessed. Being 31 years old and not being able to even hold your kids while standing is very disappointing but in this last month I’m starting to feel like I’m 21 again.”
Adam White