Safe & Effective Neck Pain Treatment

Dennis Family Wellness Center successfully treats Neck Pain in Plano, TX.  Neck Pain can be sharp, nagging and all around absolutely debilitating. Headaches, soreness or tension in your shoulders, and rigid stiffness all have the ability slow you down and lower your productivity. The problem is many people base how healthy they are on how they feel and since only about 10% of your nerves sense pain, how you feel is only about 10% of the information needed to determine how healthy you are. Here at Dennis Family Wellness Center you will discover the root causes of your neck pain, what symptoms you can expect, and learn that neck pain can be easily treated when you understand the cause. Our processes and Procedures are all based on your History, Exam, Testing, X-Rays and an in depth Motion Study X-Ray Analysis. Our talented staff are great guessers but we would never guess with your health. That is why we make sure we know exactly what is happening to cause your pain and dis-ease before ever attempting to treat it.

The Pain in the Neck we call “The Information Age”

Neck pain is generally thought of as sore muscles or an injury to the area that wraps around and runs along your neck, causing pain. This area of the neck is refereed to as C1-C7 vertebrae, C standing for Cervical spine. The neck area of the spine is not as well sheltered as other areas of the spine like the backbone and because of that, can be much more fragile.  This is why pains in the neck are so common, even when you are involved in light or no activity at all. In today’s day and age, with the increased use of computers and cell phones, people are experiencing neck pain younger, and younger. We see teenagers with Neck Degeneration that use to be more common in adults in there 50’s and 60’s. Let’s be honest, no one ever read books as much as kids stair down at cell phones today, well at least not anyone I ever knew! With this increase in technology and desk jobs its hard to avoid aches and pains in the neck regardless of what line of work you are in or where you live. Call Now (972) 801-9992

The 3 Main Reasons for Neck Pain

In order to determine the root cause of your pain, there are some things you can pay attention to in terms of your body and how you feel. First, do your fingers tend to go numb or lose grip? How is your range of motion, can you look all the way left and all the way right, fully? Neck Pain Treatment Plano TX

Here are 3 very Common Neck Issues that you may be Experiencing:

  1. Forward Head Posture – Many things throughout life can eventually lead to Forward Head Posture. Eating, driving, texting, typing, since we are in the age of the computer, we are constantly leaning over some type of gadget. This motion causes us to stretch our necks out just enough that it causes the head to be unbalanced on the spine and pulls our neck bones out of proper alignment. Our arms end up out in front of us and our shoulders are rounded inward. This process causes the pectoral muscles to tighten, the head to move forward and the back of the neck to elongates. Poof! You are a turtle and you don’t even realize it was happening. The longer amount of time we spend in this position, the more it begins to permanently and painfully wreak havoc on these muscles and our bodies as a whole. The process causes bone degeneration and can lead to all sorts of issues if left untreated.
  1. Herniated Disc – A Cervical or Neck, Herniated Disc is usually seen most in ages 30 to 50 years old. The process occurs when the inner core of the disc that lay between two neck vertebra or bones has an issue where the inner core of the disc herniates or protrudes through the disc and shows itself loud and clear when it presses on a nearby nerve. This can happen out of the blue with no known cause or due to an injury to the area. When someone experiences a herniated disc in the neck  it is often followed by a shooting pain that runs down the arm at times with numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers. Some people lose there grip and cant write there name or hold items easily like a coffee cup.
  1. Strains and Sprains – As you may know, strains and sprains in any part of the body lead to inflammation, soreness and stiffness. A sprain in the neck is an injury involving the twisting a ligament over a joint, while the joint is carrying some type of weight. When the inflamed ligament presses against the nerves and cervical bones in the neck, they can cause those bones to shift which is what is refereed to as a cervical misalignment.  Dennis Family Wellness Center of Plano TX uncovers the cause of neck pain and treats it on a daily basis, allowing patients to lead a healthy, productive life. Dr. Dennis has a unique approach to help you strengthen and heal you neck pain.
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