Effective Headache & Migraine Treatments That Doesn’t Involve Pills

Dr. Joe Dennis and his team at Dennis Family Chiropractic & Wellness treats patients with constant and/or severe Migraines and Headaches on a daily basis. The spinal care specialists at the Plano office accredit their high success rate with headaches and migraines to their in depth diagnostic procedures, structured to pin point the root cause of your head pain and work to create care plan to correct it. The office follows strict policies and procedures when it comes to treating patients with Headache and Migraine Pain and follows a particular protocol that works to provide patients with lasting pain relief.

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Headaches and Migraines come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of who you are, almost all Americans have experienced Headaches and Migraine pain at some point in there lives. These days Headaches and Migraines are becoming more and more common among younger people due to the constant use of cell phones and computers, we are seeing an increasingly higher number of children and teens with neck degeneration, comparable to that of someone in their 40’s and 50’s. This is why it is vital to have your child check for spinal degeneration starting at a young age and extremely important to do so as soon as possible if they are experiencing headache pain or migraines.  Patients often find themselves suffering from debilitating, daily headaches or migraines, hopeless, feel like they have tried everything only to realize that an easy, long term fix was right around the corner. Regardless if the headache falls under a tension headache, a cluster headache or a migraine, pain in the head can prevent us from the joys of everyday life. As a leading Plano TX spinal care specialist, Dr. Joe Dennis has helped hundreds, possibly thousands of our neighbors here in Plano over the years, find relief for their life altering Headaches and Migraines. Dr. Dennis has worked to create strict policies and procedures to ensure that each patient receives a unique treatment plan, structured to treat the root cause of their pain and discomfort. With the use of cutting edge Motion Study X-Ray Analysis, your full exam, history and any other diagnostic test Dr. Dennis feels are necessary, not only does it become apparently clear what is causing your Headaches or Migraines, but Dr. Dennis is able to create a plan to provide you with effective, long lasting pain relief. Headache and Migraine Prevention at Home
  • – When working from the computer be sure to stop, take a break and stretch
  • – Stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet and try to get as close to 8 hours of sleep per night
  • – Try meditation or at least try to reduce tension, focus on relaxing your neck and shoulders along with the muscles of the jaw
  • – Use Pilates, yoga or other light movements and exercises in an effort to relieve stress
  • – Avoid slouching, staring at your phone or computer with your head down and shoulders rounded in and always practice good posture
  • If You’re Ready to Find Relief from Your Headaches or Migraine Pain,

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