All parents want the very best for their kids no matter their age but you can’t put something into action if you don’t know about it and how it can benefit your child and their health. That’s where our team at Dennis Family Chiropractic & Wellness Cemter comes in! We are excited to share this news with you, because we want to make sure that all infants and children in and around Plano get a healthy start in life and reach their maximum health potential. When our newborn infant struggles with weeks or even months of colic, reflux or recurring ear infections, or our older children begin to experience growing pains, allergies, frequent colds, ADHD or something worse like seizures we become desperate and its tempting to resort to drugs or surgeries but it is not the only option. Fortunately, your local Plano chiropractor Dr. Joe Dennis, is highly skilled in gentle, safe, effective and drug-free chiropractic care for kids (and adults) of all ages.

Why Should Kids see our Plano Chiropractor for Treatment?

Our Plano Chiropractic clinic sees a lot of kids because we help children get safe and gentle, drug-free pain relief and spinal hygiene treatments and even avoid future pain and injuries as they grow older. Gentle chiropractic treatments for children are common practice and are fully known to optimizes their freshly developing nervous systems’ abilities to control and stabilize growth, cognitive development, the immune system, regulate proper fluid drainage in areas such as the ears and so much more. Pediatric chiropractic care is essential for all children simply because:

♥   On average, 80-90% of infants sustain neck and/ or head injury from the birthing process alone, hindering the optimal nervous systems normal functions.

♥   Awkward or misaligned spinal positioning while in the womb impacts the nervous systems development from the beginning, before they are even born.

♥   Truth be told, even when a mother has a fully, healthy, normal pregnancy with good prenatal care, the delivery process can be immensely difficult for a baby and on their spinal alignment.

Since we know that the Nervous System (the master control lines of the body which run through the nerves from the brain out to ever single organ tissue and cell of the body) controls every function within the human body, even tiny spinal misalignments in your child’s spinal column (the area from the base of their skull to their tail bone) can put pressure on and pinch the nerves and aggravate common childhood conditions.

This small pressure can be just the weight of a dime to cause chaos like…

  • Colicchildren chiropractor for infants and kids

  • Allergies

  • Digestion Issues

  • Scoliosis

  • ADHD

  • Headaches

  • Neck pain & Back pain

  • Frequent Ear Infections & Colds

  • Torticollis

  • Growing Pains in Knees, Shoulders, Wrists, Ankles & Hips

  • Many other common childhood Injuries & Illnesses


Plano Chiropractor for the Whole Family

At Dennis Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we focus on caring for our family, friends & neighbors at every stage of development:

  • During your pregnancy, moms you can receive safe, gentle and effective, prenatal chiropractic adjustments that will make your pregnancy more comfortable for you and the baby along with allowing for an easier delivery since your joints and ligaments will be moving as they should be,, leading to a happier and safer delivery for you and your new baby.
  • Infants just days old benefit from extremely gentle, safe, drug-free, natural chiropractic care, enabling their tiny bodies and nervous systems to function just as nature intended, providing them with relief or avoidance of common infant ailments like colic & more.
  • As our children grow up and move about, our Plano chiropractor can continue to provide gentle adjustments that aide them in staying healthy, keeping a strong immune system, develop strong bodies, & minds.
  • To all of you stressed out mommy’s and dads, you too can receive regular chiropractic care that to help you think, sleep, move and work with less pain, a heightened immune system and fewer common injuries and illnesses.


The Best Time To Start Chiropractic Care Is At Birth! The 2nd Best Time Is Now!


Natural, Safe & Gentle, Chiropractic Care for Kids in Plano TX

If you happen to be currently pregnant, schedule yourself a prenatal chiropractic appointment. If you just had your beautiful baby, schedule an appointment for yourself for postnatal and one for infant chiropractic care. (We are happy to do these on the same visit) Get the best, safe & gentle, drug-free treatment that you and your children deserve and experience optimum health in your future.

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